The proven effects of probiotics

In recent years, there is much talk of probiotics. Are their effects up to the announcements? Are they really effective? Several studies have provided some answers.

Probiotics are living microscopic organisms, which by definition, provide a beneficial effect on the health of those who consume it. They are many different kind, each one having its specificity and its main action points. There is henceforth a complex classification just to follow them. Below is a brief overview of their effects.

Probiotics: effects validated

One can distinguish the share of proven effects and likely effects. Among the former, have been mentioned:

Improved intestinal transit and bowel movements

Probiotics effect our gut which is populated by many varieties bacteria, whose usefulness is well established. But studies also show that regular consumption of certain probiotics or probiotic supplements allows thanks to its many effects on the intestinal flora to improve not only the digestion of certain food items, but also to regulate the intestinal transit. Present in yoghurt, Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus are involved in the digestion of lactose (milk sugar) and thus allows intolerant individuals to consume milk from these dairy products.

Many probiotics have been shown to have an effect on the acceleration of intestinal transit, Bifidobacterium animalis, Lactobacillus delbrueckii bulgaricus, Streptococcus salivarius thermophilus and many others. Such an effect generally depends on the dose of ingested probiotics. In this sense, several studies suggest a beneficial effect in people with constipation.

Decrease the frequency and duration of diarrhea

And better yet, some probiotics including Lactobacillus casei and Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG have demonstrated their potency on diarrhea of ​​young children in several studies. Regular consumption of these small bacteria significantly reduced the duration of diarrhea episodes.

Other studies have also shown that the healing time facing all types of diarrhea such as traveler’s diarrhea induced by antibiotics improved notably. Data concerning the prevention of infectious diarrhea are nevertheless more limited.

Improving colopathies

Common in the adult population, irritable bowel syndrome manifests itself as pain, bloating and altered bowel habits without intestinal lesions. Most probiotics have no effect on these disorders but some strains such as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria participate in improving digestive comfort the people affected, possibly by reducing the secretion of fluids which cause diarrhea.

Less common but more severe, chronic inflammatory bowel disease, especially Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, were investigated. Some strains seemed able to prevent the onset and relapse of pouchitis.

Fighting infection with Helicobacter pylori

Probiotics are used to fight against Helicobacter pylori associated with ulcer and stomach cancer. Combined with the standard treatment, they increase the chances of cure and mitigate multiple adverse effects.

Among the suspected or potential effects, several research avenues are being explored.

Eczema prevention

Probiotics are also acting as a protective barrier that could help prevent eczema, whose origin is food and atopic dermatitis, a chronic disease that occurs three to six months after birth in children. Supplements Lactobacillus F19, Lactobacillus GG, Lactobacillus sakei, or a combination of Bifidobacterium bifidum and Lactococcus lactis have shown efficacy in reducing the severity and extension of the eczema in children.

But these results are dependent strains, and cannot be extrapolated to other probiotic families. Furthermore, the methodology of the studies is discussed, so that for the moment, taking probiotics is not officially recommended against eczema. But as stated above there are many other proven health benefits of using probiotics supplements on a regular basis.

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Playing Baccarat

bacarratBaccarat is a fairly simple card game where you as a player can bet on three different outcomes. It gained popularity as James Bond‘s favorite card game. Unlike Blackjack, in Baccarat players can never bust and you can only bet before any cards are dealt and don’t make any decisions while the game is in progress.

Baccarat is usually played with eight full decks of cards. Each card Nine or lower has its own value. Ace’s are worth 1 and Tens and the face cards (Jack, Queen, King) are worth 0. You can play either on the Player, the Banker’s hand (casino), or you may also bet that it will be a draw (tie).

When all bets are made the dealer deals two cards to both the player and the banker. The total value of the cards are added together and the scores are compared to determine the winner of the hand to see whose hand is closest to 9. If the total value of the two cards is more than 10, then 10 is deducted from that number to get the hand value. For example, if you get a 9 and a 7 it gives the total of 16, which becomes 6, likewise 18 becomes an 8 total, and so on. Therefore, the total value of a baccarat hand is always between 0 to 9.

A third card can be dealt to the bank or the player depending on the third card drawing rules. If either the player or the bank two-card total is 8 or 9 it is called a Natural and no additional cards are dealt. If the player’s two cards are 5 or less, then the player takes a third card. If the player stands, the bank takes an additional card on a total of 5 or less.

Playing the Game

All of the major online casinos offer baccarat. The first thing you should do before you sit at a baccarat table is to check the minimum and maximum bet a player can make on the table. Although baccarat seems like a pretty complicated game at first glance with all the betting options after a while you will get a lot more comfortable making the banker, player and tie bets.

When playing blackjack and roulette, it is usually quick to make decisions, but in baccarat players take their time and analyze previous results trying to find a pattern which they’re looking to exploit. Although it must be said that baccarat is about luck more than anything else.

Third Card Rules

If neither side has a “a natural” or there is no tie, another card is dealt under the following rules.


If the player’s two cards have a total of 6 or more, they must stand and not get any extra cards. If the player has 5 or less, the player will receive a third card.


If the banker’s two cards is 0, 1 or 2, then the bank must take an additional card.

If the banker has a total of 3, and the player’s third card is not an 8, then the bank must take another card.

If the banker’s hand is 4 and the player’s third card is not a 1, 8, 9 or 0, the bank must take an additional card.

If the banker’s hand is 5 and the player gets a third card that is 4, 5, 6 or 7, the house must take an additional card.

If the banker has 6 and the player’s third card is a 6 or 7, the bank must take an additional card.

If the banker’s hand totals 7 or more, the bank must stand.


Generally, even money is paid out to Player bets and 95% is paid to Banker bets as 5% commission is taken on winnings. Bets on a tie usually pays 8 to 1 and in the case of a tie, you get back your stake on both Player and Banker bets.

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Diamond Mines of the World

There are several large diamond mines throughout the world, on nearly every continent, and they help to feed the global fascination with the amazing mineral. Harder than anything else on Earth, we certainly do love our diamonds, but where do they come from?

First, if you have a diamond, chances are it came from one of the top 50 mines in the world. Those 50 mines account for 90 per cent of all the diamonds currently in the world today.

Overall, there are four main diamond centres for mining in the world.

african diamond


Arguably, the biggest exporter of diamonds on the planet, Africa has a plethora of diamond mines located primarily in four countries. These countries are Angola, Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe. Overall, 15 countries in Africa export diamonds, with the largest mines exporting millions of carats of diamonds every year.

  1. Catoca Diamond Mine: The fourth largest diamond mine in the world, producing millions of carrots per year. In 2012 alone, it exported 6.5 million carats of diamonds. This mine is located in Angola.
  2. Jwaneng Diamond Mine: Located in Botswana, it is the richest diamond mine on the planet. Operates began in 1982 and today it employs 2,100 people and even has its own airport. It is also known for having an excellent safety record, as well as an excellent environmentally-friendly record. Something that cannot be said for many African mines. Each year, it exports roughly 15.6 million carats of diamonds.
  3. Orapa Diamond Mine: Located in Botswana, this is the largest diamond mine in the world in terms of area, covering 1.18 square kilometres at ground level. Each year, it produces 11 million carats of diamonds. In total, 3,100 people are employed there and the mine also features primary schools for the children of the workers, and even holds an ISO 14001 certificate for environmental compliance. It also practices water conservation and waste management.
  4. Premier Mine: The only significant source of blue diamonds in the world, it is located in South Africa and produces 25 per cent of all the world’s diamonds of 400 carats or more. In 1905, the Cullinan Diamond was found, the largest rough diamond of gem quality ever.


There are two main diamond centres in Asia, with India and Russia making up by far the most diamond mines in the entire region.

  1. Udachnaya Pipe: This mine located in Russia, opened in 1955, is the third-deepest open pit mine in the world, and each year 10.4 million carats come out of it.

While India was where the Hope Diamond was discovered, little comes from it now.

North America

Canada and the United States export diamonds, with Canada exporting the most by far. Today, Canada is one of the largest diamond exporters in the world and its diamonds are guaranteed for being conflict-free. Mining didn’t even begin until the 1990s, and today millions of carats are exported every single year.

  1. Ekati Diamond Mine: The first surface and underground mine in Canada, today 7.5 million carats of diamonds come out of the mine each year.

diamond exporter

The largest exporters

So, what are the top 10 countries for most diamonds found? Here is a rundown.

10. Brazil: In total, Brazil contributes about .5 per cent of the world’s diamonds.

9. Ghana: One of the main sources of revenue for the country is diamond exports, which account for a small amount of the total amount exported worldwide.

8. Namibia: Accounting for 1.3 per cent of the world’s diamond supply, worth $410 million, diamond mining is one of its largest economic sectors.

7. Angola: Several large diamond mines are found in Angola, and along with oil, diamond mining makes up 60 per cent of the country’s income.

6. Canada: In all, $1.47 billion in diamonds come out of Canada, helping make it one of the top exporters on the planet for its conflict-free diamonds.

5. South Africa: A great deal of the country’s economy is based on diamond production, and the world’s largest diamond was also found in South Africa.

4. Australia: In all, 13 per cent of all the diamonds on the planet come out of Australia.

3. The Democratic Republic of Congo: Its citizens are some of the poorest on the planet, but the country is so rich in wealth from diamonds, with the country contributing 19 per cent of the global diamond production. The heavy reliance on mining causes many conflicts to erupt here.

2. Botswana: The largest diamond company in the country is half-owned by the government and the mining industry contributes 40 per cent of the country’s revenue. In all, it accounts for 20 per cent of the global diamond supply.

1. Russia: Many are surprised to find out that Russia contributes so much, but in all, 22 per cent of the total world’s diamond supply is contributed by Russia.



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Advice When Buying Diamonds

diamondWhen you beginning to think about acquiring a diamond, you naturally will desire the very best diamond that you can afford and a beautiful rock you will prize for life. Precious stones can be found in an assortment of shapes, dimensions, top qualities & colors. If you are about to acquire a diamond for an involvement ring, you could would like to take into consideration investing the commonly approved standard of 2 months’ salary. Nevertheless you must spend as much as you can easily afford. Buying a diamond is not like getting a car which will depreciate over time, they withstand generations and are given in your family as a heirloom. Bear in mind, diamonds ARE for life.

When acquiring a loosened diamond, ensure you acquire the very best quality diamond that is within your budget plan. Do not buy a diamond simply considering that it has been “discounted”or the diamond dealer is supplying a “special price”. These “sale” costs and offers are nothing more than advertising and marketing hype and will not cause any kind of real cost savings to the price of a diamond. The price of precious stones is managed by global market health conditions and the accessibility. Unlike various other jewellery things, precious stones do not go on sale due to the fact that they do not have huge earnings margins or over higher prices. Do not puzzle a diamonds carat weight with the dimension of a diamond. Two precious stones that have the very same carat weight could have extremely different dimension measurements and look in real dimension. A poorly reduced 1.00 ct diamond could resemble a 0.75 ct diamond from the top since they have the exact same diameter measurements although their carat weights are various. Precious stones are marketed by their carat weight. A diamond cutter consistently attempts to keep as much carat weight and as few inclusions when reducing a diamond. Often the cut of a diamond might be sacrificed in order to create a diamond with a higher carat weight. Diamonds that have a greater cut high quality – outstanding, optimal and very good cut diamonds – will certainly glimmer with far more radiance and fire than badly reduced diamonds which have a reduced cut grade.

The value of a diamond is established by its specific top quality as specified by the 4C’s: Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat-Weight. It is the sparkle or luster that gives a diamond its one-of-a-kind quality. Many people come to be bewildered when they start searching for a diamond. It seems that the anxiety of either acquiring a diamond that is not great quality or paying too much can induce people to take place a journey to end up being a diamond professional overnight. Getting understanding and educated concerning diamonds and the 4C’s – Cut, Colour, Clearness & Carat Weight – is a big initial step towards purchasing the best diamond. Prior to you begin diamond shopping, it is best to have an understanding of just what you are getting and the process behind acquiring a diamond. Today on the web there is no shortage of details offered, particularly when it pertains to discovering regarding precious stones. Here are a couple of vital steps when embarking on the investment of a diamond.


  • Gain a basic understanding of the high qualities of a fine diamond.
  • Set a personal budget plan.
  • Select the diamond specs.
  • Insist on a Diamond Certificate
  • Perspective the diamond in person where possible.

We comprehend that when looking for the right diamond the activity could at times be intimidating and very complicated. Just contrasting diamonds on price alone is not nearly good enough, you need to have the ability to compare the precious stones next to each other to view which diamond is the far better quality and appeals to you one of the most.


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